FAQ – Events rules and workshop info


  1. La quarta corda is against any form of discrimination and disapproves any sexist, homophobic or racist behavior.
  2. Play with someone only if you had an explicit and clear consent from the partner. Don’t do anything you don’t have the permission not even if you think your partner agrees.
  3. Don’t play if you or your partner are on alcohol or drugs or if you or your partner aren’t in good health.
  4. Don’t do anything beyond your or your partner’s level.
  5. Inside the studio wear slippers or clean socks.
  6. Switch your mobile phone to silent mode.
  7. Don’t touch other people’s ropes and don’t disturb who is playing.
  8. When you finish your session leave room for other people and sort out your ropes aside.
  9. If you mess something up take care to clean or inform a manager.
  10. Keep the volume low. This is not a place for an sm session.
  11. Full nudity is not admitted.
  12. Take a foto or video only if you had the permission by the subject to take and/or share the shoot. Don’t shoot people outside your scene.


Are workshops opened to every kind of couple?

Yes. Couples can be of any gender or sexual preference.

Are workshops closed to a limited number of participants?

Yes. Workshops are closed to a limited number of couples so everyone can be carefully followed.

What have I to wear?

During workshops and rope jams we recommend wearing comfortable clothes; bottoms are recommended to wear soft and slinky clothes like a tight tracksuit or a t-shirt and leggings. No skirts. Nudity is not allowed.
At La quarta corda’s studio the use of shoes is not allowed. Slippers are available to guests.

What do I need for a workshop?

You need some ropes. You can use jute or hemp ropes (cotton or synthetic ropes are not accepted), a diameter of 5-6 mm.
You can use yours if you have, otherwise you can borrow them at the studio only for basic workshops. You can use a notebook to take notes.

Can top and bottom switch during the workshop?

No, they can’t. Tops need time to try the ties and switching would slow down the workshop. Moreover it isn’t related only to the technical aspect; during a shibari class you need tine also to understand all the feelings about tying and be tied.

Can I take photos or videos?

You can take photos or videos only of a person who gave you an explicit and clear consent about the possibility to take the photo or the video itself and/or to publish it. Don’t shoot people out of the scene; everyone’s privacy must be respected. If you do that without authorization you will be immediately removed.
During workshops you will be given a chance to take photos or videos of the teacher’s explanation.