Private tuition and intensive weekend

Private tuition

A private lesson is an important moment of study for who wants to improve his/her technique.

You can do private lessons of any level, from basic to advanced. With a private lesson you can actually take the first steps in shibari, make progresses in your preparation or deepen specific topics. In a private lesson there’s a more personal contact with the teacher, there’s more time to talk, discuss and understand the details which we have no time to talk about during a group course, focusing on the communication through ropes, on the aesthetics and on technical variations.

In a private lesson you can be personally attended and you can understand well every single tie, as well as you can personalize your course of study and the topics discussed.

The advantages of a private lesson:

  • you can book it with a larger flexibility of time,
  • you have a personal interaction with the teacher,
  • you can deepen specific topics,
  • you can repeat a tie until it isn’t perfectly understood,
  • you can learn details which are not discussed during group workshops,
  • the study plan can be adapted to your needs.

And you mustn’t forget that Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and so it is the perfect framework for a little holiday!

Intensive weekends

An intensive weekend is an experience of study that allows you to take an important step forward in your technique.

For two (or even more) days you’ll have various hours of classes, focusing on some topics depending on your needs and on the advice of the teacher.

The aim is to be able to deepen your learning like in a private lesson but also with the possibility of facing more topics and, above all, understanding better the style of La Quarta Corda.

An intensive weekend is also an immersive experience since in addition to the lessons you can practice privately and revise what you have just learned or you can watch one of the DVDs or the books present in the study or discuss and ask the teacher some questions. The study is actually at the disposal of the students during the breaks between the classes.

It is possible to do an intensive weekend of any level, from the basic to advanced.

It is possible to have lessons for two or more days defining the hours of the lesson depending on the needs of the students. The days of the classes can be fixed also during the week.


I had the pleasure to meet Andrea and coldeyses during their workshops in Paris. It was all about communication through the ropes and the relationship between top and bottom.
Andrea is a very good pedagogue. He can explain (in French and in English) both basic concepts and very complex stuffs (techniques or philosophy).
I will come back for sure ready to progress with them.

Faust Shibari

I attended both the workshop and shibari demonstration with Andrea and Federica on one of their Dublin dates. It was an incredible learning, fun rope experience. Andrea, a skilled rigger, moved like magic around his partner and the atmosphere was relaxed, hands on and a great way to learn. Everyone picked up some skills to take away with them regardless of the variety of skill levels. With each new item learned, a private recordable version was set up, so everything was very easy to practice once we got home. Throughout the workshop, time was taken to meet with each rope couple individually and both Andrea and Federica were so approachable, helpful and friendly to everyone: really useful as I felt the class was so beneficial to the rope top and bottom equally. A lovely change 🙂
The rope demonstration was a fantastic way to end the day as we got to see the beauty of all components coming together – the connection and skill between rigger, rope bottom and the rope itself – so moving. I enjoyed the day and was happy to travel up country to attend. I can’t wait until they revisit Ireland!


Estuvimos en el workshop en Fausto y fue una experiencia genial. Nos resultó muy productivo e interesante y los ejercicios y explicaciones muy útiles. La comunicación era muy fluida y se resolvían las dudas sin problemas. El hip harness de La quarta corda es nuestro favorito: es sencillo y funcional, un gran recurso. Fue un workshop muy bueno, divertido y con muy buen ambiente. Repetiremos seguro.


Ogni lezione, ogni momento passato con voi e le corde è speciale. Prima di incontrarvi ero solo parzialmente cosciente di quello che cercavo; poi, conosciuti voi, parte della mia strada è segnata. Mi avete cambiato la vita dal primo nostro incontro, quasi casuale, e ogni volta che ci vediamo mi date sempre qualcosa in più. Grazie!



La quarta corda offers a clear method where the various techniques, from the basic to the more complicated ones, are explained slowly and precisely, step by step, allowing to understand all the mechanisms which stand behind the outcome of a correct tie.

During a course you not only learn “how” but also “why”, in order to acquire a system which will ensure the safety and the fluidity in the practice of ropes and which will enable us to express ourselves in a personal way and not simply copying someone else’s ties.


The style I teach is the Japanese bondage in the style of La quarta corda, a style inspired to the traditional Japanese bondage and mainly influenced by two important nawashi, Akira Naka and Haruki Yukimura, with which I had the opportunity to have lessons during his journeys to Tokyo.

Technical tradition and innovation melt in an original system, an extremely empathic style where technique, aesthetics and communication go in hand.

La quarta corda’s style is a personal, original and innovative elaboration of traditional kinbaku techniques where tradition and technical development melt in order to create a system of elegant and functional ties.

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