Private tuition

Book your private lesson with La quarta corda!

La quarta corda is available for private lessons ranging from basic classes to advanced level.

In a private tuition you can customise the topics of the lesson according to your level and needs. You can take the first steps in discovering Japanese kinbaku, improve your level or go any further into a specific topic.

Moreover during a private class you can get in tight with the teacher creating a fulfilling experience; there’s more time to talk, discuss and understand all those details you can’t learn during a group workshop, focusing on communication through the ropes, aestetics and technical variations.

The advantages of a private tuition:

  • you can book it with more time flexibility
  • it’s a one-to-one tuition
  • it’s usefull if you need a more discreet environment
  • you can repeat a tie as much as you want until you understood it
  • you can go any further into topics you can’t learn during a group workshop
  • you can set up a personalised study plan


Intensive weekend


An intensive weekend is a study format that allows you to take an important step forward in your technique and skills.

We study every day for a few hours, focusing on some topics according to your needs and on teacher’s advice.

An intensive weekend is an immersive experience because you have also the time to have your private practice at the studio in order to review what you learned during the lessons, to watch a rope related DVD, to read a book or just to discuss and ask questions to the teacher.

You can stay at the studio or in an accomodation nearby.

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