• Performance e serate

    La quarta corda performances have a strong emotional component and are really immersive for the audience. It’s not just a show: performers play with real emotions and communicate through the ropes with erotism. This fashinates the audience showing all the beauty of Japanese bondage.
    Moreover it’s possible to have a little talk after the show where the audience can ask questions and performers can explain some aspects of shibari.
    If some suspension points are present we can use them; otherwise we have a portable suspension frame.

  • Workshop

    La quarta corda organises workshop of any level in Europe in collaboration with venue, associations and local communities.
    It’s possible to set up a workshop on a specific level (basic, intermediate, advanced) or on a specific topic, like traditional Japanese tortures, communication, floorwork, etc.

  • Private lessons
  • Shootings and ghost rigging