Study group

The study group is a meeting dedicated to those who want to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of Japanese bondage.

It’s not a workshop or a teacher-centred lesson where you learn a specific tie.
Topics are not decided in advance but from time to time depending on students’ levels and demands. At the end everyone will have added a piece, a facet, a new experience to his/her stock of knowledge and increased the level of his/her way of tying.

The study group is an opportunity to expand on topics that go beyond the ones usually proposed in a workshop.
We can explore different versions of the same tie or learn how a pattern changes between different styles or examine some key elements in order to tie them better.

The study group is also the place where you can raise a question or a problem in order to find a solution together.

These meetings are actually a chance for growth for those who seriously interested in raising the bar of their level.


Please email or phone 333 1771322 (Andrea) to book the event.
It’s recommended to book the event in advance due to limited number of places..


The Study group is hosted by Studio La quarta corda in Florence (Italy).

Click here to find the next rope jam at La quarta corda studio

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