The sound of water

Discovering and understanding kinbaku



The old pond.
A frog jumps in.
The sound of water.

The sound of water is a event – created by Andrea of La quarta corda and coldeyes – where you can discover and deepen the knowledge of kinbaku.

In Japan they are called “nawa kai”. It’s not a rope jam, neither a show nor a lesson. It’s a meeting. For this reason it’s open also to those who don’t do bondage but are interested in.

At the beginning there is a little meet and greet where we can stay together, talk and get acquainted.

Then a kinbaku performance will take place.

This is an intimate moment, without spotlights or high volume music, that you can enjoy closely. It’s something different than a stage show.

At the end we’ll talk on a specific topic about Japanese bondage history, technique or aestetics.

During The sound of water, you are very close with one another, feeling and sharing emotions.

Closeness is one of this meeting value.



The sound of water is a not recurring event hosted by La quarta corda Studio in Florence and sometimes by other venues all over Europe.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Read more about haiku here: Haiku: when semplicity becomes poetry


We choosed the last verse of a famous Matshuo Basho’s haiku, for all the meanings that it reminds us.

First of all the exquisite taste, the attention to detail, the “wabisabi” and the “mono no aware” that we can find also in our way of tying.

Furthermore water was a key element in some of our photos: actually we started working together making a water torture shooting. Moreover we are fond of a photo where a Japanese calligraphy master wrote on coldeyes’ body and then his ideograms were washed away by water. By water are also made the tears that sometimes cross our face when we do ropes.

As water is continuously moving, we travel a lot together and together we’ve got the idea of this event during a trip to Japan.

For these reasons, for us, this verse, more than a title, is something evocative and these are all the meanings that we would like to give to this meeting.

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