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Let’s find out Nawame, the first free webbook on Japanese bondage!

My kinbaku

For me ropes are a medium of communication with which we can talk about things that are difficult to express with words. With ropes we tell stories, we talk about us, our needs, fears, our most intimate sides. This activity lets us enter a deep connection with the other and the bond we create together can lead to a unique experience, sometimes deep and exhausting, sometimes more tender and sweet. Its beauty lies in its essential simplicity. In a world where we are always in a hurry, with our minds full of commitments and worries when I play with ropes I manage to have a deep, holistic and complete experience. It’s a game, a dialogue we engage together, a love story in the wider sense of this expression.

Study with La quarta corda

Knowing how to tie is not just creating patterns with ropes on a body or immobilizing in a position, but doing it with taste, style and, above all, connection between the partners. A lesson is a special experience to live together, a day in which to discover a fascinating practice, so much so that in the end many students say:

“I didn’t think there was so much behind this world!”

Lessons range from basic to more advanced, from simple ties to have fun with your partner to suspensions.

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When ropes touch the heart.


The first free webbook on Japanese bondage

On Nawame you can find tutorials from basic to advanced ties and interesting posts about shibari. Here you can discover the fundamental aspects and the original, simple and usefull patterns of La quarta corda style.

La quarta corda

I’m Andrea and I’m La quarta corda rope artist. From 2011 I help who was fascinated by the beauty of Japanese bondage to learn more about this activity and to practice it in a safe and pleasing way.

My commitment goes in the direction of sharing the beauty and the complexity of Japanese bondage presenting it as a positive activity.

With ropes we communicate, with ropes we create relationships.

In 2015 the meeting with coldeyes has been fundamental in developing my project. Now shibari is my passion and what brings me all over Italy and Europe to teach and perform.

Bondage is a complex world where beauty lies in simplicity.

What encourages me to keep me going in which I believe are the eyes of the people I meet: the smiling face of someone discovering the beauty of ropes, the touched gaze of someone who manages to do something he didn’t believe to be able to do, the pleased expression of someone who learns something important.

I’m constantly evolving and I created my style and my techniques in which tradition merges with innovation.

In 2017 I created a new project: Nawame, a free resource that gathers my tutorials and vlogs. It’s the diary of my daily commitment, the story of my research, of my experiences and my life.

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