Meet La quarta corda

Andrea is a rope artist known as La quarta corda.

He has attended lessons with important European and Japanese teachers. The meeting with Naka Akira and Yukimura Haruki in Tokyo has been fundamental to move into the traditional Japanese bondage.

La quarta corda style is based on communication through the ropes, a very captivating kinbaku with a strong control of the bottom.

Going through a continuous process of development, Andrea achieved a personal, original and innovative elaboration of traditional kinbaku techniques where tradition and technical development melt in order to create a system of elegant and functional ties.

He’s an expert of La valigia rossa, a project on feminine sexuality and health.

Andrea teaches and performs throughout Europe, as a guest at important events as Shibari Showparty, Moscow knot, Shibari dojo Warsaw, London Festival of Rope Art, BoundCon, Rome BDSM Conference, Bound, EURIX, Ecole des cordes, etc.

In 2017 he started a new project: Nawame, the first free webbook about Japanese bondage, with tutorials, videos and articles on the world of Kinbaku and on La quarta corda style.