Playing with ropes is really beautiful, both in an intimate situation and with other people sharing something you like. Nowadays in almost every big city rope meetings are organized and people give them various names. I recap some of them here but I suggest watching the video to have more informations.

If you look up in a search engine or in a social network you will easily find the nearest event and you’ll only need to get in touch with the organizers in order to attend.


Rope jams are meetings where people play with ropes together. The jams are usually organized in spaces with suspension points and the atmosphere is always very relaxed and calm. It’s a way to practice in an equipped space, to see other people at work, to meet new people, to ask for or to receive advice or to revise something learned during a class.


Another word frequently used to refer to these meetings is “peer rope”, although this specific expression assumes that the aim of the gathering will be studying together. “Peer” actually refers back to the idea of “peer education”, so it can be considered a sort of “study group”. “Rope jam” and “ peer rope” are not synonyms, even if they are often used as such.


In Japan rope meetings are called “salon” or “kinbaku salon” and they are organized by a teacher in his study or in an equipped space. In Italy you can use this word too when you want to highlight the fact that the meeting is organized by a specific shibari teacher or that a Japanese dress code is encouraged.


“Kai” in Japanese has various meanings so it can indicate different kinds of events, like a rope jam or a meeting where a nawashi ties and at the end talks and answers to the audience’s questions.