Last winter a couple from Barcelona came to Florence to have a shibari intensive weekend with me, but since the beginning they made me a strange request.

They told me they wouldn’t study nothing “technical” (they already were to a good level) but just focus on communication: eight hours of lesson about communication through the ropes.

In these words I had the permission to publish they tell why they made this choose.

I can only say that I am overjoyed to have been so useful for them and that seeing them tie at the end of the lessons was really exciting. 🙂

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There are magic moments which impact your life changing it, but you only realize it when you see things in hindsight. This is what happened when we attended La quarta corda and coldeyes’ shibari performance in Fausto BCN.

Right in that moment during the intense show, I took two decisions: the first one was that I would have dived into the world of ropes deeply and the second one was that, after obtaining an adequate technical level, I would have visited Andrea in Florence to take classes with him and to learn his philosophy, his style and his depth.

We started the classes in Fausto BCN and thanks to Javi Canitt I progressed in the art of Kinbaku building solid foundations.

With time, the moment to visit Andrea La quarta corda and his delicate partner coldeyes in Florence was arrived. The experience overcame all our expectations.

We spent two wonderful days with them and finally I could live and learn the connection I saw in Barcelona during the performance.

Andrea is an artist with an extreme sensibility. His main focus is the communication through the ropes, the transmission of the emotions, the connection with the partner, the use of his gaze and domination.

What I actually perceived in Barcelona was my instinctive concept of how I see and feel the ropes as a mean of domination, as a powerful extension of my hands and my heart.

For this reason, Andrea was eye-opening for me, since he interprets ropes in this way and he adds a very elaborate philosophy of semenawa, of torment – and not torture. He is a great master with a very high capacity of communication.

To round off our affinity, his own structures are extremely simple and light, which is exactly what I look for both functionally and aesthetically. I care about the sensations and not the knots.

Nubyh, my partner, felt on my part what we still haven’t achieved, so everything we learned here will bring us to another level of connection and pleasure.

For all these reasons we are extremely grateful to La quarta corda and we are sure we will come back!