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I have often been asked to write a book on bondage, but I have always been very reluctant to do so because I believe it such a complex and “practical” activity that cannot be reduced to a simple text accompanied by a series of images.
For this reason, I have always collected tutorials and other resources that I have published in recent years within a project that later became Nawame.

Nawame is a bondage webbook that is structured like a book – divided into chapters, with theoretical parts and other practical ones – but with multimedia and fully online.
Unlike a simple Youtube channel or a generic site, here the contents are organized in a progressive order and offer a path that will guide you, step by step, to discover shibari.
And it’s completely free!

Instead of being structured around photos, the tutorials are videos to allow for better use and the in-depth articles are enriched with multimedia content, such as the audio of the correct pronunciation of Japanese terms in the glossary.
A great advantage over a traditional book!

This webbook also contains some “books within the book” such as the “Bondage safety guidelines” and the “BDSM consent and negotiation guidelines“.
Then, there are all the videos of the “Three minute Fridays“, the history of bondage, the vlogs, the interviews with the masters… in short, hours and hours of fun!

I therefore recommend that you start reading and watching this webbook by following the index on the homepage, in order to follow the path I created to discover Japanese bondage from theoretical to practical knowledge and from the simplest to the most complex ties.

Have fun with the ropes!

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