In this video I don’t speak about Japanese bondage, but I deal with something I discovered by chance and that is very important for me.

Last summer I’ve decided to do something to make the La Quarta Corda Studio a little greener. This video is the diary of all this experience.

I’ve started by replacing the plastic crockery of the wet bar with products made with compostable material and now all the rope jams and the courses are plastic-free with nice black cups to make teas, coffees and infusions!

Then I’ve planted some plants in the terrace both to make it more colourful and to help bees. Do you know that the population of bees got halved during the past five years? And do you know that in some areas they are already extinct and that farmers have to pollinate flowers with their hands?

There is something we can do?

Yes! Along with putting some flowers in our terraces, we can build some shelters for solitary bees… and this is exactly what I’ve done! Solitary bees – that are the bees that don’t live in the colonies or in hives – are equally useful for the environment and they also need our help.

I hope that you will watch this video even if it doesn’t concern the topics of this channel and I hope that it can be a stimulus also for you.

In the end, taking a small green step doesn’t cost you much!

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