I found this post on Fetlife by chance. At this time I’m deeply thinking about consent and negotiation and this article touched me.

The author wrote these guidelines hoping to follow them in more agitated and stressful conjunctions like when you – or a person close to you – are accused in a consent incident.

Ozma_of_Oz sets some important concepts: for example the right to speak for the accuser and the right of defense for the accused.

In general I agree with the advice of this post, but the author doesn’t distinguish between consent “violation” and “incident” and I think in this last case the accused’s responsibilities aren’t always so clear.

Anyway reading this post helped me in setting some important points and I hope this will help me in follow them, even if I’m a “fallible person” like everyone so I’ll do my best while “my best might not be very good”.

So, more than an ineluctable resolution, more than an unbreakable promise, this post provides some food for thoughts to be more prepared when we’ll have something to do with a consent incident, regardless of our position.

You can find the original post here: https://fetlife.com/users/184137/posts/3971074.
This writing is by Ozma_of_Oz, producer of Ropecraft and Tethered Together events.

My translation in Italian is here: https://www.laquartacorda.it/laccusat-quando-sei-tu-a-essere-accusat-in-un-incidente-di-consenso/
(with the author’s permission)

Featured image: https://www.pexels.com/it-it/foto/camera-da-solo-depressione-in-attesa-2736135/