If you ask a nerd what’s the “prime directive”, probably he will mention the first rule of Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets.

But if you make the same question to a person involved in BDSM maybe someone will talk to you about Mollena Williams, an American writer, activist and populariser.

Many years ago she wrote an interesting post about D/s relationship where she talked about the “prime directive”.
It’s really an interesting point and food for thoughts.

I admit I’ve not always followed this rule in the past so I recently thought a lot about it when I read the words of Mollena in order to grow as a person and to try to avoid making the same mistake again.

So, if you don’t know this “directive”, I suggest you have a read of Mollena’s post and maybe to talk about it also with your partner.

Here there’s the link to the original post: Mollena’s Prime Directive