During the “great quarantine” of 2020 I thought a lot about consent and negotiation.

In my research I found the “Wheel of consent” by Betty Martin, an American chiropractor and coach.

The Wheel of Consent is a method that explains behaviors and dynamics in interpersonal relationships. It isn’t a “complete guide” to human relations, but it’s a radical analysis of how we behave with our partners.

I don’t agree with everything Betty Martin has to say, but, despite my misgivings, her approach has moved me very deeply. In my opinion the Wheel of consent mustn’t be mandatory, but expository. It has to suggest some food for thoughts not solutions.

If you already are into consent and negotiation, maybe you’ll find simplistic some points; otherwise if you are new to these topics, the reading will be probably hard.

This post is a reference for the Wheel of consent and provides a lot of links and videos. Betty Martin is very generous and she uploaded a lot of free videos and resources which go into detail about how it all works.

I hope you’ll find all this stuff as useful as they have been for me.


I suggest starting with a full review in this video.


Here you can find the complete serieshttps://bettymartin.org/videos/


Other resources

A simple explanation of The Wheel of Consent by Rupert Alison: https://schoolofconsent.org/wheel-explained/

The Wheel of consent diagram in many languages: https://schoolofconsent.org/downloads/

The newsletter: https://schoolofconsent.org/newsletter/

The calendar of encounters: https://schoolofconsent.org/calendar/