I am sure that many people (myself included) will recognize themselves in the examples contained in the video, also because sometimes passive communication is shown like a gesture of understatement, of humility.

In today’s video we will begin our journey through the various “communication styles” starting from passive communication.

Surely, it is useful sometimes to put our best face on to avoid conflicts, but, when we put ourselves one step behind everyone else constantly, we risk developing, resentment, anger, frustration, and it might happen that others start taking advantage of it, or that we reach our capacity, can’t take it anymore and lash out and become aggressive.

Let’s remember that when we say “yes” to others we might be saying “no” to ourselves!

With a passive communication style, it is also harder to develop an environment of sincerity and trust in a relationship, personal or professional; as a matter of fact, it is hard to trust someone who never says what they think, who never takes a decision and does not make it known when there is something that wrong.