I saw this video a lot of times and I’m glad to share it with you.

Until a few years ago I was “just” a violinist. Now I work both as a concert violinist and teacher and as a rope artist. I’d never imagined to do that.

Someone told me “You’ll never be a violinist! You are too eclectic!” and now I’m a soloist. Or “Don’t rent a studio! How can you pay the fee?” but I had that studio for years.

A few years ago I went to the London Festival of Rope Arts as a student, then in 2016 I came back as a performer. It was my first important international performance. I can still remember the shiver when I went inside the little restaurant where I used to go next to the festival venue. When I went as a student I had already spent a lot of money on workshops, festivals, private lessons and room and board, so I had to watch every penny! A few years after I was there as a guest of the festival!

Don’t listen to anyone who says “You can’t!”

Strive, be creative, step out of line, find solutions.

Try to do what you can’t do!