In this quick tutorial I’d like to share the recipe of my homemade rope wax. It’s a very good product, with a creamy texture, neither too much waxy nor too much oily, perfect to get your ropes soft and sliding!

To wax or to not wax the ropes?

After some attempts, jojoba oil has proved the best main ingredient for this wax; a select and unequalled product that makes ropes extremely soft and sliding. Instead bees wax is the best substance to protect them. Mixed together, they prepare ropes best without putting on weight. In the end, some tea tree oil drops lend ropes a very light and pleasant scent.

You can use this wax if you want to make your ropes soft and sliding, especially if they are new. In particular, double ply or very tight ropes – generally those of European fabrication – are stiffer at the beginning, whereas Japanes ones are already enough soft, so much that many practisings simply wait that they’ll became softer with use.

Personally, using Japanese ropes, I don’t wax them, but there are some Japanese master preparing ropes this way.

You don’t need to wax cotton, hemp or sintetic ropes.

80ml (ab. 50gr) of jojoba oil
200ml (ab. 150gr) of wheat germ oil
30/40 tea tree oil drops
50gr of beeswax